Welcome to Creative Connections’ ClassroomLink:

The online forum where students in ArtLink classrooms around the world ask questions, share ideas and learn from one another through the exchange of art, ideas and conversations!

ArtLink connects students in the USA with their international peers through the exchange of art and ideas.

Through this exchange and examination of their partners’ artwork, students gain awareness, understanding and appreciation of their partners’ culture, as well as their own.

ArtLink helps students from around the world eliminate stereotypical thinking and encourages mutual understanding and empathy.


H1-cropped JAP-11-065

Rice Planting
Yawata Elementary School

H2-cropped USA-12-1046

Half and Half
Joslyn, 16
Center for Global Studies


Japan’s Summer
Nanako, 13
Hiroshima University attached to Mihara Junior High


Day on the Beach
Nicola, 12
Rippowam I.B. Middle School


Children’s Day
Takamasa, 12
Mihara Junior High School
attached to Hiroshima University

H6-cropped USA-11-827

Skate Box
Cristofer, 12
Rippowam Middle School

Creative Connections:
Delivering Globally Connected Learning to Classrooms

Founded in 1992, Creative Connections is a non-profit international cultural education organization that fosters global competency in children. We do this by creating and facilitating innovative arts-based exchanges between classrooms in the United States and their peers around the world.

Creative Connections has expanded from initially working annually with 300 students to over 10,000 students today. We currently have school partners on five continents in 23 countries.

In the USA, we facilitate programs in 114 classrooms across eight states.

Kids in Circle

Photo credit:  Lori Woodruff,  ArtLink Teacher

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